Apathy on Demand

Are you fed up of feeling sorry?
Or feeling sad?
Or just feeling anything at all?

APATHY on demand. All the time.



AGHAST 6® works by suppressing mineralocorticoid receptors in the prefrontal cortex, therefore removing any annoying urge to understand what others are feeling. In high doses, AGHAST 6® can completely remove your capacity to feel anything.

Taken in regular doses, AGHAST 6® renders the user practically immune to the pressures of modern life. Great for increasing productivity in the workplace, and even better at eradicating almost all pointless social interaction. Donʼt just take our word for it, hear from just a few of our millions of satisfied customers below.


‘AGHAST 6® really changed my life. I no longer worry about ignoring the homeless guy on my way to work, it just comes naturally to me now. Iʼve even been tempted to give him a good kicking. I mean come on, get a job buddy.ʼ


‘I used to get so down every time I picked up a newspaper or turned on the news. Now I just do not care. At all! Thank you AGHAST 6®ʼ


‘Working as a debt collector Iʼm often burdened with sob stories which used to be difficult to deal with. A friend recommended AGHAST 6® and I have honestly never looked back. Now I find it so easy to clear peopleʼs belongings. I evicted a 94 year old deaf blind woman just last week! Thank you AGHAST 6® and DEADCORP®

GARY, 31


AGHAST 6® has undergone rigorous testing at DEADCORP®ʼs world renowned research facility. Full reports are yet to be published but you can take our word for it, they were mostly positive.


people that tried AGHAST 6® reported almost instant apathy.


of users reported some side effects.


of users said they would recommend AGHAST 6® to a friend or family member.

Apathy on demand. All the time.